Ultra coolant protects and maintains the cooling system


The water absorbs a lot of energy before heating up just one degree, but freezes at 0 ° C, boils at 100 ° C, and also corrodes the metal.
The mission of Ultra coolant is to absorb excess heat from the engine, so that it stays at its ideal temperature, which is around 90ºC.


ULTRAKOTE Advanced Formula protects all metals and alloys that make up the cooling system. It is free of amines, nitrites and phosphates.
Recommended for all types of cooling circuits of diesel and gasoline engines, and especially for aluminum and its alloys.


-Prolongs the life of the engine
-Prevents corrosion
-Compatible with antifreeze of any color
-Help your cooling system work more efficiently
-Protects the cooling system from damage caused by old antifreeze
-Maintains automobile warranty
-Meets ASTM D1384, ASTMD4340 and ASTM D2809 corrosion speciations.


-128 oz. (Gallon)