ULTRA OCTANE BOOSTER, increases the power of the engine because its new advanced formula compresses in the cylinder the air mixture with gasoline in order to obtain the maximum level of compression. When gasoline is used with low octane ratings, the vehicles surffer as a result excessive heating, loss of power and performance.


ULTRA OCTANE ELEVATOR ADVANCE, advanced formula contains MMT which guarantees that it elevates 4 real units, and is especially recommended in modern vehicles whose engines are designed for
high performance fuels.


What is MMT?
Methylcyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl, MMT was developed several decades ago as the only additive for gasoline made from manganese and which is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency with its acronym in English EPA and registered in the European System of Chemical Substances, REACH.


Before filling the gas tank add ULTRA Octane Elevator.


Save fuel
Increase octane and power
Reduces maintenance cost
Eliminate jingle and impurities
Protects injectors, carburetor


4 oz. (120 ml)
8 oz. (240 ml)