New generation formula
Eliminates wear, increases compression and saves fuel


ULTRA KOTE Treatment for Metal is the most advanced antifriction in the world. Its new generation formula creates a chemically induced boundary protection film that resists extreme pressures and eliminates metal-to-metal friction. Transported to the metal parts by the lubricant to which it was added, ULTRA KOTE Metal Treatment, polishes and seals the metallic surfaces to eliminate friction and heat, as a result of better lubrication the engine does not suffer from wear, consumes less energy, does not  waste time and money in an expensive maintenance and saves up to 12% of fuel.


IT IS NOT AN ADDITIVE, IT DOES NOT APPLY IN EVERY CHANGE OF OIL, because a single application of ULTRA KOTE Metal Treatment protects for 100,000 km or 5,000 hours of work.




-Internal combustion entines to diesel, gasoline or Lp gas
-Mechanical transmission
-Automatic transmission
-Hydraulic systems
-Industrial machinery
-Construction team




Extends the useful life of the engine
-Save fuel
-Increase compression
-Reduces maintenance cost
-Protects and secures the engine in case of loss of lubrication
-Protects and secures the motor in case of loss of cooling
-Eliminates and / or reduces operating noise




8 oz. (240 ml)
16 oz. (500 ml)
32 oz. (1/4 Gallon)
128 oz. (Gallon)